Riich.Models RT72004 Japanese Type 4 Ka-Tsu Amphibious Tank

Japanese Type 4 Ka-Tsu Amphibious Tank - Image 1
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The Type 4 Ka-Tsu was a Japanese amphibious vehicle, sometimes classified as a WWII amphibious tank. The first prototypes of the vehicle were made in 1943. Serial production was carried out in the years 1944-1945 and led to the creation of about 50 vehicles of this type. The vehicle was powered by a single 62 HP engine. The armament consisted of two 13 mm machine guns. The vehicle could also carry two torpedoes. The Type 4 Ka-Tsu was developed on the basis of the experiences of the Japanese army and navy from the Solomon Islands campaign of 1942-1943, during which it was very difficult to supply - often under enemy fire - own troops. The main task of the Type 4 Ka-Tsu was to transport supplies and soldiers from their own ships to the beaches. The vehicle received relatively thin armor, up to 10 mm thick. It is worth adding that the Type 4 Ka-Tsu could probably have been used by specially adapted submarines.

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مقياس: 1:72
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